Thank you all for the great year!  It was a pleasure working with you all and you all mean the world to me.  I hope that you summer is great and full of fun:)

Loft Return

Loft return is May 10th from 7-10pm.  Please bring all your loft parts to the center lounge.  There will be paperwork for you to fill out.  We are winding down so make sure you are getting everything accomplished!


Take a look at the May calendar.  There are a lot of important info and dates on there. This calendar will be very important to pay attention to through the next couple weeks!

Time to close

I put up a board regarding closing.  PLEASE read through this carefully.  This will help your checkout run smoothly and we will get you out as fast as we can.  Thanks for a great year!  It was a great one:)

Volleyball Tourney

There will be a volleyball tourney May 14th this upcoming Sunday.  We will start playing at 3pm and then have a cookout at 5pm.  This will be a nice break from studying for your finals and just have come fun. SIGN UP at the front desk.

Cinco de Mayo

This Friday is Cinco de Mayo which is celebrated tradition in Mexico.  This is a very important holiday and means a lot to that country.  There are tons of festivities.  Check out the board I put up about it and learn something new.