Puzzle Piece Board

Check out the new board about diversity!  It is based around puzzle pieces and how diversity is more than black or white.  There is many other things them makes people different then each others.  I only named a few of the differences people can have, but there is so many to name!

Spread Good Vibes

Bridgeway held their annual program of spread good vibes.  With this program we plan to make everyone smile and maybe make their day a little more special.  Smiles are contagious and so if you start one then you can make a whole chain of them.  I got to take care of getting balloons and coloring pages ready for the first day of Spread Good Vibes.

# Social

7 ways to workout in your room

Here a board for you to get some tips on doing a quick workout in your room.  If you are watching a movie you can easily do these exercises quick and be done with your workout for the day.  There are exercising techniques for every aspect, cardio, arms, legs, and so much more!  Take a look!

Occupational Quotes

Take a look at the new quotes that I put up.  They tend to focus on following your dreams and finding a job that you are going to enjoy.  They also talk about understanding how you have to put work in to feel the benefit of your career path.  Your career path and future should have  a goal of making an impact on your life and others versus money.

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

Earth day is coming up April 22nd.  Here is a board that can help you reuse your resources and help the environment.  Take this month of April and really focus on saving the earth.

Who’s who in academia?

There is a new board up about who is directors of each department on campus.  So test out your skills on if you know who is responsible of giving us such a great education here and Platteville.  It is great to know who you can go to about your education and who is behind the great work that happens at this school.