Drunk Goggle Mario Kart

On Thursday we had a great program. It was drunk goggle Mario kart! We had some good food and some great times seeing what affect drunk goggles have. And, of course, learning the lesson that it’s never smart to drive drunk!


Trick or Treat

I hope you all had a great Halloween! Since we are all a bit too old for trick or treat, I hope you are able to settle for the treats I put in your mailbox. Enjoy the candy and the condom. “Make Like a Mummy and Wrap it Up!” 


Wear Your Party Pants!

Deidre from Counseling Services came in this past week to give a talk about enjoying life. She brought up that we shouldn’t just enjoy certain things once in a while, such as only wear your special fancy outfit once a year. We should learn to enjoy life all the time and take opportunities offered to us: just wear your party pants! Thank you so much to Deirdre for coming in to talk with us!